If a word exists, you were not the first one to say it,

So let me be the first to say, Happy San Paddywack Dia, alleft, now get a gerbilish move on, a crouton meets Charon, a Pluto meets Pharaoh, go grab that batter thingy kerbober or we’ll go zeroely conbotcher, take that, you’re a piddly puff, a pinky pie, fztcrack the bamclack and ripreronrahroo. Oh, it’s easyContinue reading “If a word exists, you were not the first one to say it,”

Another Valentine’s Poem

I declare this day the day of watching your favorite tv show day the day of dancing to your favorite sad song day the day of saying day too many times day and giving yourself deja vu day the day of thanking the color red for the blood in your veins, a day of takingContinue reading “Another Valentine’s Poem”

Another AI Generated Blurb/Happy Thanksgiving

Douse the house with a dosing hose do a do-si-do huck a hohoho The rustling in the neighbors’ closets Is a bit of everything And then they say, yeah, that tastes good, so…what do we do? Our brains are really good at hiding these kinds of cognitive biases. As Charlie tells his story, being aContinue reading “Another AI Generated Blurb/Happy Thanksgiving”

Chocolate Logic

Like chocolate, I melt in your hand. Like chocolate, I wait here if you are sad on the holidays. But, like chocolate, if you cry on me, my richness will seize, thick and clumpy. On the logic of chocolate, hold me close on the most special of days but not too close to ruin me.Continue reading “Chocolate Logic”

quick announcement post

Literally being super quick about this. I’m working on posting the whole story of Graveyard of Lullabies to buymeacoffee. Go check that out if you’re interested. Here’s a poem for December to allay my conscious of trying to post a poem every month, and failing in November, unless you count a poem I posted onContinue reading “quick announcement post”