quick announcement post

Literally being super quick about this. I’m working on posting the whole story of Graveyard of Lullabies to buymeacoffee. Go check that out if you’re interested. Here’s a poem for December to allay my conscious of trying to post a poem every month, and failing in November, unless you count a poem I posted onContinue reading “quick announcement post”

A half-revised article on failing

My original title idea for this was “No revisions: article on failing.” Because I had in mind the idea that I should fail in some way as I write about failing, about how failure is trying is improving and learning. Except then the idea of actually posting something that I hadn’t revised at all freakedContinue reading “A half-revised article on failing”

I’ve got a Proposition (think Beta Readers)

So…I would really like beta readers to read my story:) This novel is one I’m hoping to publish, and I’d appreciate feedback to help make it better. What’s in it for you: I am not posting the entirety of Graveyard of Lullabies on this website. Simple as that. If you have enjoyed the story soContinue reading “I’ve got a Proposition (think Beta Readers)”