I’ve got a Proposition (think Beta Readers)

So…I would really like beta readers to read my story:) This novel is one I’m hoping to publish, and I’d appreciate feedback to help make it better.

What’s in it for you: I am not posting the entirety of Graveyard of Lullabies on this website. Simple as that. If you have enjoyed the story so far, and want to read the rest of it (or have never heard of it, but still want to read it), including its likely confusing climax, you can! By being a beta reader 🙂

What’s in it for me: you read the story, you give good feedback, I get to improve the story. Of course, that means you have to actually give good feedback. None of that “yeah…it was pretty, like, interesting” stuff.

How it works: you email me at jordynsaelor@gmail.com, saying you would like to be a beta reader. Then, I send you a google form with questions about the first few chapters currently on this website. I’ll give you one week to fill out the google form (if you would like more time than that, let me know in the email. The one week deadline is mostly so I have an expectation of when to check for a response, and so I don’t wait for months wondering if you will ever get back to me).

If you are serious about beta reading and providing feedback, and I can see that from the google form, then I will send the rest of the story to you. For this part, I’m thinking I’ll break it into chunks: you take a week to go through two to four chapters (depending on their length), send me the feedback, and then I’ll send you the next set of chapters with the corresponding questionnaire, you take a week to work through those, send me the feedback, I send you the next chapters, etc. etc. etc. Make sense? (Of course, if there’s any beta reading pros out there with a better system of doing things, I’d love to hear it.)

Thank you!

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