The Sand Witch’s Familiar/Croissant Crab

This witch lives in a castle just above the tideline, the sun rises from the yeast and wakes her crusty eyes. She goes out, collecting jellyfish for breakfast, tuna for lunch, but most of the morning she loafs around with Crissy the croissant crab, her best friend and familiar. Sammy the sand witch and CrissyContinue reading “The Sand Witch’s Familiar/Croissant Crab”

Can’t Take My Old Advice

Once upon a time I said, “stories end in happily ever afters too often, it spoils the ending before you’ve even begun, and that’s boring. But if you don’t write a happily ever after, the readers make an uproar, cuz at the end of the journey– through all the hills and bogs and stormy fogsContinue reading “Can’t Take My Old Advice”

Find Comfort Here (a haiku)

Let me stray to seas, where the edges of my soul won’t cut your ship’s hull. –the end. Except…here’s a lot of drafts I wrote when coming up with this idea– My soul’s harsh edges rub against the glass ceiling when I dance alone — Dancing here, my spines seek solitude. — Let me beContinue reading “Find Comfort Here (a haiku)”

To the ones who lost their PhD in innocence

This tale ain’t here to entertain your intellect, boy, pickin’ at a calico’s cuticle misses the whole cat, and those verbose vocabularies aren’t an art like you think they oughta be; it is in the interest of the living to wax wiser than the weak but I’m weary