Touch Grass

I went outside and touched grass like they say, smelled the flowers like they say, “a natural remedy to being cooped up inside and spending too much time online!” They say that grass and flowers have the power to make you feel better, but I took a walk and the vastness of the whole worldContinue reading “Touch Grass”

It’s late, love

It’s late, love, and I can’t sleep. I should sleep though, should go, the clock is ticking to tomorrow and I know the slow explosion of exhaustion will drag me down eventually. I mean, I’m sorry, I should sleep, should take myself down before the grenade does, but I can’t lie, tomorrow morning I’ll be pulling myself late out of bed either way. So I’m still awake.

Before the Storm

“If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything” might be why I fall for your glow every time I walk into a room, hello, sunshine, the seasons are in bloom but I’m terrified of what lurks deep below, will you take my hope in the dead of night and marry her to theContinue reading “Before the Storm”

Resin Scent Resented/Harmless and Heard

In this ol factory residence, we resent the scent of resin, residue staining our retinue when we want to walk free, yet if you run to the void and scream yourself clean, not even bark will hear and echo back your pain, so you can’t be both harmless and heard, you catch my drift? YouContinue reading “Resin Scent Resented/Harmless and Heard”

When the People Pleaser Plays Pretend

Maybe I could bring up a topic I like Maybe I could disagree just one time Maybe I could suggest I’m right when I know I am Maybe I could quit smiling when I don’t feel so glad Maybe I could say no when I don’t want to — There’s a compulsive people pleaser burrowedContinue reading “When the People Pleaser Plays Pretend”