Follow Me to the Hollow

Follow me to the hollow in the wood where we could talk until dawn. Run unto the sun inside our galaxy where we could be free. Chase me to the place under the sea, I ever ask you to be true. — Take me to the wilds, our picnic place on Pluto, the mushrooms inContinue reading “Follow Me to the Hollow”

Christmas Keening

Fill me up, or don’t it’s no big deal I come to the feast hungry, really, it’s fine, I can eat later. Later, when there’s space for me at the table. — Red wrapping paper, winter sleds, plans to wake up early from our beds. As kids, we got dozens of gifts we wanted. ButContinue reading “Christmas Keening”

Midnight Maracas

Separate the sons by surmission party in paradise with permission miss the mark of Mars’ mission. — don’t you wanna know how low you can go? Flow real slow, not here, or there, in limbo stuck in traffic in the limo make me some green gumbo no, I’m not sharing my shrapnel skimpy shrimp fishContinue reading “Midnight Maracas”