Winter’s Knees

Weep winter’s knees Slice summer’s eyes Make of the seasons Saturn’s corpse (the mythology guy, not the planet), stop the orbits in their habits and freeze time for me, sometime between spring, monsoon and polar freeze– last night in a dream you told me I must leave, pick up my happiness and plant it elsewhereContinue reading “Winter’s Knees”

So…Exciting News…

My book, Graveyard of Lullabies, was chosen for the Bootcamp Mentoring Program on Wattpad in preparation for the 2023 Watty awards. Why is this exciting? Well, for the next several weeks, an award winning writer is dedicated to giving feedback on my story! I have faced many frustrations while trying to find feedback for myContinue reading “So…Exciting News…”

The Sand Witch’s Familiar/Croissant Crab

This witch lives in a castle just above the tideline, the sun rises from the yeast and wakes her crusty eyes. She goes out, collecting jellyfish for breakfast, tuna for lunch, but most of the morning she loafs around with Crissy the croissant crab, her best friend and familiar. Sammy the sand witch and CrissyContinue reading “The Sand Witch’s Familiar/Croissant Crab”

Can’t Take My Old Advice

Once upon a time I said, “stories end in happily ever afters too often, it spoils the ending before you’ve even begun, and that’s boring. But if you don’t write a happily ever after, the readers make an uproar, cuz at the end of the journey– through all the hills and bogs and stormy fogsContinue reading “Can’t Take My Old Advice”

Touch Grass

I went outside and touched grass like they say, smelled the flowers like they say, “a natural remedy to being cooped up inside and spending too much time online!” They say that grass and flowers have the power to make you feel better, but I took a walk and the vastness of the whole worldContinue reading “Touch Grass”

It’s late, love

It’s late, love, and I can’t sleep. I should sleep though, should go, the clock is ticking to tomorrow and I know the slow explosion of exhaustion will drag me down eventually. I mean, I’m sorry, I should sleep, should take myself down before the grenade does, but I can’t lie, tomorrow morning I’ll be pulling myself late out of bed either way. So I’m still awake.