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  • Graveyard of Lullabies: Author Note
    Which comes first, the hurt, or the understanding of what it is to be in pain? We talk about the chicken or the egg, the egg or the chicken, we talk of empathy, feeling someone else’s pain without truly feeling it, we are very good at talking, in definitions, in consequences and sequences, numbers and additions and words that end as abruptly as they begin. The hurt comes first, obviously.
  • Chapter 1 (her)
    Today is the day I bleed aquamarine. The blue-green liquid soaks into my fuzzy pillow, spreading like melted ice. I blink at it. It is a nice pillow.
  • Chapter 2 (him)
    I leave the bandages on to sleep, so when I wake up in the morning my face is wet. My stomach hungers, but I ignore it and stumble to the bathroom. I don’t look in the mirror on purpose, so I concentrate on my fingers, shaking in the air. I yank open the wooden cupboard
  • Chapter 3 (body)
    I stare in the cracked mirror…
  • Chapter 4 (brain)
    Brain, you never imagined you’d…
  • Chapter 5 (summer merchants)
    Some things don’t change…

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Family Ties: Context

Returning home from magic school for the summer, Tamy and Tara find things at home…weird. Ever since the two of them developed superpowers–Tamy super strength, Tara super-stretchability–nearly a year ago, things with their mother and siblings haven’t been normal. Well, their mother pretends everything is normal. Their older brother constantly avoids them. And their younger…

Family Ties: You knew we were coming

Of course, everybody was home. Tamy could tell even before she’d creaked the door all the way open. The shadows moving by the wall, someone sucking a breath in. She glanced at Tara, weighed down by backpack and suitcase, and tried to point with her eyes. Tara deflated, ever so slightly. Tamy pushed the door…

Family Ties: So-called Alex

“So is Alex not going to be around for two entire weeks?” Tara asked. Tamy carefully lowered the bedframe back to the floor. “You mean we shouldn’t move the bed?” “No, keep going.” Tamy sighed, but lifted the frame, straining for leverage so she could pick the entire thing up and lean it against the…

Family Ties: mysterious summer morning

The deep cupboard was still empty, despite Tamy staring into it. She stepped back and sighed at the other cupboards above the counter. Surely their mother had cereal somewhere. The tile prickled coldly against her feet, so she hopped onto the counter. But then that was cold against her feet too, so she jumped back…

Family Ties: Disappearing Act

Tamy fretted over her suitcase. She’d forgotten to check what Tara was wearing today, so she didn’t know which color she should try and match with. Not that it really mattered. They’d stopped doing that in fourth grade, when they stopped looking quite as similar. But today it did matter. A tiny bit. She glanced…

Family Ties: like normal talk.

Tamy plastered a smile over her grinding teeth, bell peppers and pork sticking from her lips. She swallowed forcefully. “Can I have the water please?” she asked their mother. Their mother blinked, gaze focusing. “What was that, Tamy?” “I asked for the water,” she repeated.

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