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7 Haikus on Hope

The dam of my mind has bottled up my tears. [read more]

Haiku #1

With this series of posts, I shall be explaining some of my thought process behind the haikus I wrote in a recent article. Let’s start with the basics:

Haiku #2, Haiku #3

Some things I learned in the past week about traditional haikus: 1, they typically avoid metaphors and similes, or figurative language in general. 2, since they’re focused on nature, they tend not to include people. Or people related things. So many things I am learning, including that my haikus need work. Yay for revising, right?…

Haiku #4

Hello. This post is part of a series where I evaluate haikus I wrote a few weeks ago. You can find those posts here. For this post, I’ll be looking at my 4th haiku: A wandering light, fluttering, frail; in deepness of creeping midnights. 5, 7, 5 syllables: check Punctuation: check. Even a semicolon this…

Haiku #5

At this point, it really should be quite evident that I didn’t follow the traditional rules of writing a haiku (see this post, and this post. And also this

Haiku #6

Haiku #6 goes like this (super dramatic first line, I know): An old, aching tree about to tumble, roots weak. Enduring hope hurts. Fair warning, I wrote most of this post

Haiku #7

Haiku number seven out of seven haikus on hope. This is the end people 😦 At night, cacti bloom pink to oppressive shadow. Color to the black.

January 4th, 2022/a haiku

Today’s Prompt: What was your favorite toy as a child? Summer days, basement a capture the flag warzone. Stuffed animals play. One of my favorite toys as a child? A multitude of stuffed animals and the imaginary games I played with them and my siblings. Capture the flag included. We had one game where our…

January 7th, 2022/do dogs like anti jokes?

Today’s Prompt: What makes you laugh? One time I (Jordyn) tried for approximately a minute to listen to calming dog music on youtube. Except it made me laugh uncontrollably even after the music quit playing. That was a strange day. I’ve never had an experience like that since, even on the few occasions where I…

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