Sunrise (a haiku)

On a blacksmith beam, pole vault over the city into the sunrise. *** I saw this image on Grace of the Sun’s poem and it inspired me to write my own poetry:) If you want more…check out my buy me a pizza page for a fun little poem using song lyrics

Do you sleep with the lantern on?

You write by lantern light late at night no clock to tell the time. — It’s so quiet, the buzzing in the walls has died. — the lamps across the street are on. So I think we will be okay, won’t be stranded on our remote-less island for too long. — Youtube addiction? Nah, it’s…

Future Evolution

According to evolution and survival of the fittest, and “favorable genes are the ones that get passed down,” homosexuality should’ve ceased to exist eons ago, but spoiler alert: it hasn’t, and I often ask

The Fig and the Wasp

I don’t think I’m parasocial, but sometimes celebrities show up in my dreams, Kit Connor singing onstage, Janelle Monáe faking their death, and there’s nothing odd or fantastical about the fact

Whence the Waters Wailed

Flighty fingers hold the key to the pit in my gut where I bottle all my resentment. You know what you said, bedhead, but I pretended

Letters for when the Love Lies

Let’s begin with the cure: I am consciously aware that what my thoughts tell me are not the truth. But sometimes they creep in insidiously, a mosquito’s sickle tooth,

How to Seize Your Destiny

I want a different background, a different date, hello good sir, have an appointment with fate? No sir, I mean sir, hullo there, g’day, don’t soothe me with greetings, don’t ask me my name don’t use up your language, it only holds blame. — I want a different story, a different time, fate still hasn’t…

don’t tell dada ’bout the doggie door

What a deranging display of pointless perfidiousness, superfluous insidiousness, what plainly prattling perfidious pomps these two children are, all persnickety and rickety making a racket with their wickets in the croquet thicket,


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