We weep

For at the altar of dreams

We are freed

Hello and welcome!


So it Seems

All the words that could be written have already been written with the hand of this mitten, cold fingers snow-smitten and numbed into repeating the same beats over and over like the floppy paws of a hungry-for-food kitten. — I keep a long document of most every poem I’ve written since 8th grade and lastContinue reading “So it Seems”

Passion or Power

Dear Joe, This is my favorite flower. Just wanted you to know so if you’re ever worried about paying for a dozen red roses, now you’re aware I’m not into the crimson kind of passion flower. *** If you enjoy this post, consider buying me a pizza


The other day, my sister asked about my pronouns and it felt like a confessional– I laid out all my sins for her to judge them, “yes, I’m questioning who I am (dear God, am I questioning?) but no, I have no intention to do anything. Dear sister, I’m not a lost sheep, I’m notContinue reading “faith”

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