We weep

For at the altar of dreams

We are freed

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The Symbol of Lullabies

Somehow, over the years, “lullaby” has grown into a symbol in my writing. For comparison’s sake, lullabies in real life entail quiet, soothing songs to help children fall asleep. Lullabies in my head have come to represent clinging to childhood or innocence, art/beauty lost in the past, and the comfort we hold to to carryContinue reading “The Symbol of Lullabies”

Just an observation

It’s strange to me, that I can experience something on a constant basis, and some people straight up don’t believe that’s even a thing. Like, anxiety when trying to fall asleep. Like, having the unprovoked urge to burst into tears. Like, having a conversation and ending it totally drained, emotionally and mentally. It’s strange howContinue reading “Just an observation”

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