Before the Storm

“If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything” might be why I fall for your glow every time I walk into a room, hello, sunshine, the seasons are in bloom but I’m terrified of what lurks deep below, will you take my hope in the dead of night and marry her to theContinue reading “Before the Storm”

Do you sleep with the lantern on?

You write by lantern light late at night no clock to tell the time. — It’s so quiet, the buzzing in the walls has died. — the lamps across the street are on. So I think we will be okay, won’t be stranded on our remote-less island for too long. — Youtube addiction? Nah, it’sContinue reading “Do you sleep with the lantern on?”

don’t tell dada ’bout the doggie door

What a deranging display of pointless perfidiousness, superfluous insidiousness, what plainly prattling perfidious pomps these two children are, all persnickety and rickety making a racket with their wickets in the croquet thicket,