exhilarate/annihilate/landscape of a heart

coral reef heart
Photo by Vincent Rivaud on Pexels.com

please describe yourself,

in as many words as you like,

our words are boxes,

so check all of them

or just one of them,

“man,” “woman,” “other,”

“normal,” “not,”

the specifics don’t matter,

what title shall we call you by?

Give us a name, a bin, a recipe to bake you,

are you a cake kid

or a cookie kid

healthy kid

or no kid?

in check box words, we are

an equation over time

but rather emotional

meaningless letters

words don’t matter in hearts

any Venn diagram misses something

of the magic



paper plate,


obliterate to liberate

the spaces in between

can you hear the stars growing brighter

as the shadow walls cave in,

can you see the roar of the raindrops

as the echo chambers win

have you tried to eat melting sky floors

when the meteors lose skin,

have you felt the ache of the flowers

where the perfume swells your shin

have you smelled the sea flowing sulfur

and mountain caves stone brim

can the silver smoke of the ice streams

taste sharks with swallow fins

or will the whisper of the old bones

catch sewing needle pins

can burning bagels out of glory

teach drowning shrimp to swim

in all this nonsense of a heartscape

crawl home all shredded thin

our words are boxes

my heart’s growing brighter

our words are boxes

the raindrop roars echo

our words check boxes

the melting floors seek sky

our words are boxes

the flowers ache my legs

check one or many

the sulfur sea’s flowing

we don’t care

the ice streams shriek and scream

as long as you fit

truth told bones still whisper

a box

burn bagel, for glory


nonsense of a heartscape

our world.

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