February Lies

Listen, can you hear us, pouring our heart’s grief into the keyboard? clackity-clack-clack my nails tap a peppy drum beat, staccato and quick– that way, the eavesdropping neighbors next door’ll never know the song’s so sad. But it’s there, it lives on– if my words could guide you through the dance routine they’d yank yourContinue reading “February Lies”

If a word exists, you were not the first one to say it,

So let me be the first to say, Happy San Paddywack Dia, alleft, now get a gerbilish move on, a crouton meets Charon, a Pluto meets Pharaoh, go grab that batter thingy kerbober or we’ll go zeroely conbotcher, take that, you’re a piddly puff, a pinky pie, fztcrack the bamclack and ripreronrahroo. Oh, it’s easyContinue reading “If a word exists, you were not the first one to say it,”

Productivity, Toxic

Productivity induces anxiety, like, you are a machine, so you are worth something when you produce, you are a train, chugging for the change, you’re a factory, a battery, an engine, when you produce more, you make more, you are more, if you’re idling you’re wasting gasoline, if you’re not creating, you’re a canvas withoutContinue reading “Productivity, Toxic”