Winter’s Knees

Weep winter’s knees Slice summer’s eyes Make of the seasons Saturn’s corpse (the mythology guy, not the planet), stop the orbits in their habits and freeze time for me, sometime between spring, monsoon and polar freeze– last night in a dream you told me I must leave, pick up my happiness and plant it elsewhereContinue reading “Winter’s Knees”

The Sand Witch’s Familiar/Croissant Crab

This witch lives in a castle just above the tideline, the sun rises from the yeast and wakes her crusty eyes. She goes out, collecting jellyfish for breakfast, tuna for lunch, but most of the morning she loafs around with Crissy the croissant crab, her best friend and familiar. Sammy the sand witch and CrissyContinue reading “The Sand Witch’s Familiar/Croissant Crab”

It’s late, love

It’s late, love, and I can’t sleep. I should sleep though, should go, the clock is ticking to tomorrow and I know the slow explosion of exhaustion will drag me down eventually. I mean, I’m sorry, I should sleep, should take myself down before the grenade does, but I can’t lie, tomorrow morning I’ll be pulling myself late out of bed either way. So I’m still awake.

For Your Sake

I can take it. I can take all the hailstorms and the lightning and the caterpillars eating my leaves. I can prove it, I can be the softest, most emotionally vulnerable saint you have ever seen, I will care about every soul who crosses my path and hand out compliments and be kind to everyone.

I’m sorry, no you can’t, you are mortal

Assassin/Candle Castle Crown

Buy my price, point my blade, Under cover of stars I Reap souls, steal them from the Night. — Take these coins, assassin–avenge my Home, my Isolated throne, thieves have Stolen all I own. — Claim me and I’ll cauterize these wicked villains, I’ll feed on your vengeance, Tell me, princess, will you–for queen andContinue reading “Assassin/Candle Castle Crown”