Hope of Coping

For so long, I survived, biding my time– saying I bottled up the bruises sounds cliché but clichés sometimes hold true. I was a glimmery glass bottle, like they say, I reflected sunlight, blinding outsiders from what I held, I carried on by a determination to carry this heavy heart to some higher mountain, someContinue reading “Hope of Coping”

big bad butterfly effect

Sometimes I fear causing change in the world–because what if me randomly commenting on, say, someone’s shoes has a lot of negative, unintended consequences? See: the butterfly effect. A butterfly flapping wings in Peru might cause a tornado in Texas. A tiny change now might cause massive impacts in the future. Unintended consequences stress meContinue reading “big bad butterfly effect”

Cory’s Story: where memories leak through

Something…dark and painful was happening. Cory blinked, finding himself in bed, laced gray boots propped on the bed frame. He rubbed his temples and slowly bent his legs, sitting up. Something dark and painful was happening. He’d just been somewhere… Something about butter. But the memory of it was fading like a pond draining. HeContinue reading “Cory’s Story: where memories leak through”