It’s late, love

It’s late, love, and I can’t sleep. I should sleep though, should go, the clock is ticking to tomorrow and I know the slow explosion of exhaustion will drag me down eventually. I mean, I’m sorry, I should sleep, should take myself down before the grenade does, but I can’t lie, tomorrow morning I’ll be pulling myself late out of bed either way. So I’m still awake.

To the ones who lost their PhD in innocence

This tale ain’t here to entertain your intellect, boy, pickin’ at a calico’s cuticle misses the whole cat, and those verbose vocabularies aren’t an art like you think they oughta be; it is in the interest of the living to wax wiser than the weak but I’m weary

February Lies

Listen, can you hear us, pouring our heart’s grief into the keyboard? clackity-clack-clack my nails tap a peppy drum beat, staccato and quick– that way, the eavesdropping neighbors next door’ll never know the song’s so sad. But it’s there, it lives on– if my words could guide you through the dance routine they’d yank yourContinue reading “February Lies”

Another Valentine’s Poem

I declare this day the day of watching your favorite tv show day the day of dancing to your favorite sad song day the day of saying day too many times day and giving yourself deja vu day the day of thanking the color red for the blood in your veins, a day of takingContinue reading “Another Valentine’s Poem”