Mirror, mirror, rippling water/a majorly revised opening scene

This is from my story Graveyard of Lullabies. I’m comparing Recent revisions vs. the original chapter 1 posted to my blog a year ago. *** Today is the day I bleed aquamarine. The blue-green liquid soaks into my fuzzy pillow, spreading like melted ice. I blink at it. It is a nice pillow. But first:Continue reading “Mirror, mirror, rippling water/a majorly revised opening scene”

January 10th, 2022/blood magic

Today’s Prompt: What are 5 things you’re grateful for today? (I was feeling rather uninspired by today’s prompt, so here is a scene I wrote that reminds me why I’m grateful to be alive. Interpretations/thoughts always welcome!) I trudge through these night plains. Clouds of insects guide my path. Dizzyingly, they flit about the fields,Continue reading “January 10th, 2022/blood magic”

Chapter 25 (days)

Welcome to the final post for this story! (another plug for beta readers, if you want to read the rest of the story you can be a beta reader:) I leave Skeleton Cook in the building I slept in. The bird I trapped in the corner, propping a table diagonally against the wall and coveringContinue reading “Chapter 25 (days)”

Chapter 24 (comes to pieces)

I stalk away. I leave Skeleton Cook behind, because he has to fetch my cloak. I stalk down the street, ignore the curved one of dark green, I march to the hill. I march to the edge of the city to the hill steeped in mud and I don’t stop even though I hate theContinue reading “Chapter 24 (comes to pieces)”

Chapter 23 (how a battlefield)

The queen’s friend leaves the vase by the compartment where the glimmer insect jars are kept. Then she guides me to the exit, pulling a pair of mittens–one dark indigo, the other beige–from a hidden pocket. I don’t have mittens, so I ball my gray, dust-covered hands into fists and hope the guards don’t notice.

Chapter 19 (intercut)

(ps table of contents here) Here is a memory, brain: you as a child walking through the caves at night. You couldn’t sleep; the sound of the waves on the beach, the unfamiliar bed, the stone walls, the hill pressing in from above you. At first, you just went to the wide sitting room. YouContinue reading “Chapter 19 (intercut)”

Chapter 18 (birth day)

The queen yelps. I stop in the street, because she’s in the doorway of the building, and therefore hasn’t seen Rattle-bones carried in Skeleton Cook’s arms like a baby. There’s a loud crack and I run forward, Skeleton Cook at my heels. Rattle-bones makes several weird hiccups until we stop, beside the queen. She isContinue reading “Chapter 18 (birth day)”