Do you sleep with the lantern on?

You write by lantern light late at night no clock to tell the time. — It’s so quiet, the buzzing in the walls has died. — the lamps across the street are on. So I think we will be okay, won’t be stranded on our remote-less island for too long. — Youtube addiction? Nah, it’sContinue reading “Do you sleep with the lantern on?”

Christmas Keening

Fill me up, or don’t it’s no big deal I come to the feast hungry, really, it’s fine, I can eat later. Later, when there’s space for me at the table. — Red wrapping paper, winter sleds, plans to wake up early from our beds. As kids, we got dozens of gifts we wanted. ButContinue reading “Christmas Keening”

Seedlings (or, short random poems)

Scales of green bark flake from the oaks exposing fraying hair follicles. — Winter–the earth’s season of self-care and haircuts. — diagram the cytoplasm around the golgi’s chasms, what does that thing do again? — clumsy as a giant, I dye a gram of petunia seeds pink, train them to sprout under stars — weContinue reading “Seedlings (or, short random poems)”

My Apparition’s Sedition

I brought a ghost home from the pet store. They wouldn’t eat what I fed them, never drank or needed bathed. But they watched over my bed every night, just hovering, shivering, making ambient howls and eerie creaks a soundtrack to my frozen dreams. In the mornings, I led them round the sunrises on aContinue reading “My Apparition’s Sedition”

Shiver, wither winds, shiver

Shiver in the bitter winds, doing your best brittle bends. Make ice chimes of biting shins turning nerves to needle-pins. Speed through stretches then jettison to the fire’s heat within– ask yourself, is this the end, should you let the winter win? Hot yoga in the snow, Jack Frost has bit until you quit IsContinue reading “Shiver, wither winds, shiver”

Somelodies (or, 3 Haikus)

Three–drown crying minds. Seek screaming, famed raves, but crave Lonely melody. Two–externalize. Carve howls into an ice wind, freeze winter and sweat. One–on tongues, snow flies. Tell silent, nameless graves: burn, wreath your peace in ash. *** Enjoy this poem? Consider buying me a pizza

Where the Sky Meets the Sea

I hope you enjoy this experiment! I made a song on Garage Band on an iPad (so a super simple software), and I wanted to share it:) If you want more details about the meaning of this song and how I made it, check out this post on Buy Me a Coffee! I wrote lyricsContinue reading “Where the Sky Meets the Sea”