Wrists in the Blissful Sea

under the sea
Photo by 7inchs on Pexels.com

Literal literary list:

miss the analysis

kiss the lysis

alyssum alyssis

ask asylum

assist us

Nonsense-san decrees:

dear birdy,

I can’t give you the happy ending


it will completely confuse you,

I have to give you thirst

and chaos


for any non to make much sense.



the analyst didn’t miss Alyssa,

Alyssis learned lysis from Lyra,

Lila liked lisping alyssum’s low lips,

can Kris ask asylum in the quickest kiss?

A lasso

and an assistant

met a tuna fish conversationalist:

to earn safe water wishes,

Chris and Miss Cringle went swimming,

“let’s literarily analyze-asis

the upside sloshin’ surface,” they quipped,

watchin’ the storm be worth it

will wantin’ the world be worth it,

Ulysses and Marrisa

held their wrists

in the blissful sea

this hiss of whistling shrimp

sifted them for misty glee,

the lisp lost a limp

alyssum won’t wimp

Alyssa bent down on one knee.

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