Cory’s Story: Ventriloquist

Hi. How are you doing? Do you have a name? Ventriloquist. My name’s Cory. How are you doing? I feel so…alone. I have news for you, then. We’re part of a system. There’s many people here, like Ribbon, or Jasmine, or…maybe we’ll ignore the ski lodge occupants right now. I cannot be alone. Let meContinue reading “Cory’s Story: Ventriloquist”

Cory’s Story: conversations but as pies

Hello. Nobody can hear you, what do you think you’re doing? Trying to see if anybody can hear me. … Nobody can hear me, I know. I got that. Where do you think they are? You’re asking me? Might as well. Not close to the front, that’s where. Where do you think we are? InContinue reading “Cory’s Story: conversations but as pies”

Cory’s Story: where memories leak through

Something…dark and painful was happening. Cory blinked, finding himself in bed, laced gray boots propped on the bed frame. He rubbed his temples and slowly bent his legs, sitting up. Something dark and painful was happening. He’d just been somewhere… Something about butter. But the memory of it was fading like a pond draining. HeContinue reading “Cory’s Story: where memories leak through”

Cory’s Story: this glow growing in the dark

Hello. How are you? I like your door.
I can make it glow. Do you like glowing things? Glowing things are my favorite. They’re bright and sunny and happy.

Cory’s Story: when the moon fell to the empty ocean and cried

I believe in magic.
Good for you, I guess.
I always will.
Okay. I was going to introduce myself. The name’s Cory.
Magic doesn’t stop being magic. I asked it.

Cory’s Story: Giants’ bodies and a courage to pretend

I have a question, Cory.
Why are you all giants?
I suppose it must seem that way, with your small door in these large hallways. I don’t know. I hadn’t ever thought of myself as a giant.

Cory’s Story: The drooping cactus and trips for snow

Cory stuffed his head under the pillows, drowning out the sounds of shouting. The bed still shook though. Like vicious tides through bedposts and mattress.
Lifting pillowcase fringe from his vision, he stared at the window, through the empty space in the row of cacti pots. The glittering snow ran like white eraser past the panes.

Cory’s Story: Silent pleas and what Ani sees

Cory’s stomach growled. He took that as a cue to lower his left leg and prop up his right one. He untied Ripple’s boots. Tied them up again. They were dusty boots. Where had they been before this to get dusty boots?