When the People Pleaser Plays Pretend

Maybe I could bring up a topic I like Maybe I could disagree just one time Maybe I could suggest I’m right when I know I am Maybe I could quit smiling when I don’t feel so glad Maybe I could say no when I don’t want to — There’s a compulsive people pleaser burrowedContinue reading “When the People Pleaser Plays Pretend”

I Am Worthy

Le le le aviar le le le pajaro le le estoy volando — Given or taken, handed or earned given or taken, blessings you termed. — I tell you, I am worthy. Your words make a prison in my heart, the crow caged by expectations sings so soft in here. You don’t know the tunesContinue reading “I Am Worthy”

A group of tortoises/a creep

Don’t judge me for my presence don’t rate me on appearance– I may be a turtle in a creep of tortoises, I may be an urchin in a sea of submarines, but the murder of crows can’t catch this quick black raven and the chameleon’s camp can’t make me camouflage and the clowder of catsContinue reading “A group of tortoises/a creep”

January 11th, 2022/courage rain

Today’s Prompt: What does it mean to live boldly? I live as bold as a raindrop. I gather my self in the troposphere until I accumulate bigger than my dust-fears, and I yield to earth’s gravity and I plummet ever so courageously. ***2nd poem*** This potion comes in three parts: One, the thumb thimbles toContinue reading “January 11th, 2022/courage rain”

Cory’s Story: Giants’ bodies and a courage to pretend

I have a question, Cory.
Why are you all giants?
I suppose it must seem that way, with your small door in these large hallways. I don’t know. I hadn’t ever thought of myself as a giant.