Cory’s Story: this glow growing in the dark

flower glowing at night
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Hello. How are you? I like your door.

I can make it glow. Do you like glowing things? Glowing things are my favorite. They’re bright and sunny and happy. Do you like being happy and sunny and bright? I can make the door glow. Watch this, are you ready?

Woah, that is special. Can you make it glow a little bit less so I can see the flower carvings? Wow, there’s lilies, and is that a geranium, and an orchid, wow. Look at these bromeliads…


You have one of the fanciest doors here.

I know, I made it up myself, it was boring and so I wanted it to be pretty and now it’s pretty do you really like it?

Yes, I do like it. How long has it been pretty?

I don’t know. Longer than it was boring.

Interesting. I suppose I can officially welcome you to the house. I’m Cory, and I’m sure you’ll meet Mina pretty soon. I bet you’ll like Lily too.

Lily? Lilies are flowers on my door and I like them.

Oh, yes, these flowers on your door are lilies, but Lily is also an alter here. That’s her name, Lily.

Ohh I get it, lily left my door. Do we need to find her? Ooh, let’s have an adventure, and go and find the missing lily, and bring it back to my door. Do you think it left because I made it glow too bright?

No, I don’t think that at all. I’m sure all the lilies on your door like being there. I’m talking about a person. She looks like a little girl.

Tehehe. You’re confusing, Cory.

Okay, um, never mind. What do you look like? I have brown eyes, dark hair, and a sharp chin. I’m a human.

I have yellow hair.

…Okay, that’s a good start! Do you have arms and fingers and toes?

Duh, Cory, everyone does.

Well, Shadow…never mind. What about your name? Do you have a name?

I like flowers.

Is that your name? I Like Flowers?

I don’t know. Tehe.

What about your glowing door? How do you do that?

Like this. Tehehehehee.

Oh, wow, that startled me. I almost ran away.


Are those sunbeams? They look like sunbeams, sliding over the floor.


That’s really awesome.

Did lily run away this time?

No, no, that was about a different Lily.

Tehe, you’re confusing, Cory. Hehe.


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