Shatter (a lonely Christmas poem)

light seen through fragmented glass
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on

One, wait for the light to come on again.

You ain’t ever going to kill hope

Because if you did I’d be a dead girl out of matchsticks.

Hope flutters and clings to the sheer cliffsides of insanity

Because hope is the dead-out definition of “against all odds.”

One, wait for the light to come on again.

Not the hope light, that never went out.


Nameless light forged from

“Once upon a time I was happy, with you” to

“On this day hinges the series of events where I can pinpoint when the world ended.”

The nameless light is formed,

Equal parts once upon…I was


This day…the world ended,

There is a light brilliantly created in there, addition or multiplication or chemistry

And through the flames and forge it equals=the world built out of a shattered glass bulb,

Puzzle-pieced whole,

Glass gaps like teeth, radiating the first genuine smile you’ve mustered in years.

By the light of all that is holy

I wish that smile upon you.

Two, I wish you, a merry christmas.

By the loneliness of determining at midnight you will be alone forever,

Here’s to end of lightbulb-worlds 

And all the glue and invention it takes to build something new from the glass.

By the loneliness of hugging yourself while dancing, a solitary judge in the dark window,

Here’s to the cracks left around mote-sized forms

Where a nameless light can seep through

Once you figure out how to turn it on.

By the loneliness of lips smiling to the low music,

Here’s to your gap-filled teeth behind gates of red

Waiting for when you can really mean it again.

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