quick announcement post

Literally being super quick about this.

  1. I’m working on posting the whole story of Graveyard of Lullabies to buymeacoffee. Go check that out if you’re interested.
  2. Here’s a poem for December to allay my conscious of trying to post a poem every month, and failing in November, unless you count a poem I posted on my buymeacoffee page a few weeks ago. (Again, check out the link above!)
  3. With the end of the year/holiday season I’m going to take a quick break from posting.
  4. I signed up for WordPress’s Bloganuary (check out the article here), which means in January I’m going to try some exciting writing prompts. I’ll probably post more frequently here too!
  5. stay tuned for the regularly scheduled articles resuming in January 🙂

Okay that’s all thank you bye!

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