Family Ties: Context

Returning home from magic school for the summer, Tamy and Tara find things at home…weird. Ever since the two of them developed superpowers–Tamy super strength, Tara super-stretchability–nearly a year ago, things with their mother and siblings haven’t been normal. Well, their mother pretends everything is normal. Their older brother constantly avoids them. And their younger brother seems to notice too much, at the same time he says too little. Odd, weird, and weirder. At least it’s only for two weeks, they remind each other, and they can survive that long. Even if their bedroom has been transformed into an office. And even if there is a stranger rooming in the upstairs. Things couldn’t go too horribly wrong, could they? (spoiler alert: they do)


Some context about this story: there are mentions throughout of teachers (ie, Mr. Latem), school activities (ie, Battle Games), or other characters (ie, Bella). That would be because this short story features characters who were secondary/tertiary in a different novel I’ve written. Don’t worry, the plot of this story and the plot of the novel are completely unconnected. This short story merely focuses on characters who showed up in the novel.

With that in mind, I hope the references to unknown things and characters are just that, references, and they don’t detract from understanding the story.

Part 1: You knew we were coming

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