Cory’s Story: Introduction

Cory’s story is approximately 10,000 words long, told from the perspective of an alter in a DID system. I do not know if it’s the wisest decision to share this story here. Dissociative Identity Disorder (or a form of Other Specified Dissociative Disorder/OSDD) is not something I have personal experience with, either in my life or the lives of people I know.

But I wrote a story about it, tried to do my research and learn from websites and youtube on what living with DID is like.

My hesitancy in sharing it comes because I don’t want to put misinformation out there for people to read and assume “this is how this disorder works,” when I’ve likely included inaccuracies in my writing.

But, I’m making the decision to publish this story here, because I’d rather share it and get feedback than keep it to myself forever. So if any of you out there do have DID or OSDD and want to lend feedback to help me improve the story, that would be highly appreciated.

That said, here’s some background about Cory’s story:

This takes place in the same world as the stories about Tamy and Tara I’ve previously posted. That means people have superpowers, and some events of the story are naturally impacted by that (the superpower parts are people making things float, or people making glowing energy shields, or people turning invisible).

However, Cory’s story is only tangentially related to the plot of those stories, so you can read it without having read those ones.

Also, in real life DID systems, there can be non-human alters, like animals or fantasy creatures. In Cory’s story, that is still true, and if an alter is a fairy or a ghost, that generally has nothing to do with people having superpowers.

The story structure is a little strange. It alternates between conversations between two people, and then scenes told from Cory’s perspective. The events are generally NOT in chronological order. This is a story I wanted to tell about mental health and relationships and burdens, not about action, high-fantasy adventure sword fights or superhero battles.

If that gets you interested, here is a little snippet of the beginning of the story:

Hello. My name is Cory. I’m the advisor of this system.

Advisor? System? What is that?

Technically, the psychologists call it an “internal self-helper,” but I came up with “advisor” before we ever talked to them. I help organize and guide the members of our system. Including you.

I’m…part of a system? Who are you?

My name’s Cory. I help keep everyone organized. Well, my role also includes physical protection, so I help out at the front sometimes, but it’s mostly about organization. I help connect alters to each other, and I know most everyone in the system.

Okay…C-C-Cory, I didn’t exist a few moments ago, did I?

No, you did not. That’s why I’m here. To welcome you into the system.

I don’t know what a system is.

A system is a group of things that work together. In our system, there is you, and me–my name’s Cory–and there’s also Mina, and Ribbon, and Jasmine.

And Scarlet.


Yes. I am Scarlet.

Hello, Scarlet. May I ask why your name is Scarlet?


Okay, Scarlet. I am Cory because Cory is regular. I’m the part of us that craves normalcy.


Part 2!

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