Word Association Game 2

How this works: I literally just pick a random word. In this case, the word is “word.” From there I write whatever comes to mind, building from that word via rhymes, alliteration, popular song phrases, images that come to mind…whatever. This is fun to do when you’re feeling stressed out and need to flow with your thoughts rather than against them.

word bird fly from my fingers
sing as you go
let it go,
let it go,
and I'll cry like the breaking dawn,
(yes I know that's not how the song goes)
raw eggs break and the juice drips out like tears,
yolk the color of splitting sun
rise on, bird with the word I heard from a herd--
stop. Stop the pots and the rats in the star,
I saw what was, star,
I was what you saw, rats,
drats, spotted in the top pots
is a fluttering bird with a word from a herd of the breaking horizon.
Lies, on.
Truth, off.
Then I am a muttering purple platypus lazily drifting in lava,
Secretly the lava monster under every child's bed,
eyes glowing red,
eyes don't glow red except in the movies
but movies all lie, we know that,
why else would we go to see them?
Truth, on.
Like a light switch.

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