I got a lotta pent up rage,
for my age,
I ain't young enough to cry no more,
I ain't old enough to understand war,
this is war,
war's a bloody affair
blood don't care
thicker than thoughts
lightning thoughts
burn you thoughts,
enemy of my enemy is my
fire fuel
war has no rule
the rule is win with nothing but my thoughts.

are an expert at illusion,
words warp like water's reflection
I put up walls
to your squalls
barricades to your games
minefield of a mind of mine
I am just learning to keep you out of--

I gotta lotta pent up rage,
age is no rage in a caged mind,
dreams of mine I can't find
in the water,
this water so deep and mired,
I am tired of the wondering why you are even here,
your words warping into weapons to drown me out.
I put up walls to keep you out but
I was born with you inside my head,
cuz we inherit what we learn from our mothers,
cuz we take shelter with our brothers,
echoing words etched in rudders, to steer us right,
digging up scraps of the truth in the bailing of our boat
and beggars are we for safe

So tell me the truth: 
At the heart of this game, do you love me?
Are the ticking cores of the mines these bleeding hearts of ours?
Did you put the minefield in my head or was it all mine?
I mean, is this all in my head?

Tell me the truth:
If I shut my eyes, block out all the lies,
Would you be the storm tearing at my boat?
Would you push me under the waves
as I dive for desperate dreams,
swim for stifled screams?
Watch this beautiful mind

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