Another AI Generated Blurb/Happy Thanksgiving

happy AI bot looks up at camera, standing in a school hallway
happy AI bot
Photo by Alex Knight on

Douse the house with a dosing hose do a do-si-do huck a hohoho

The rustling in the neighbors’ closets

Is a bit of everything

And then they say, yeah, that tastes good, so…what do we do?

Our brains are really good at hiding these kinds of cognitive biases.

As Charlie tells his story, being a good listener is actually one of the best ways to change minds.

I never wanted to call it “realism,” but

I think it’s important because it’s what’s needed to actually turn people into better thinkers.

By making the “interesting” arguments in this video and then appealing to the “cool” kids,

we’re really honing our cognitive muscles.


I don’t think this is right or wrong,

but I think it’s more of a “no” than a “maybe” answer.

So… that’s the question.

Is it right

or wrong?

…Probably a latter question,

but I just wanted to give an extra little boost to PragerU and the


I wrote the first line, the AI at wrote the rest. (This blurb ends quite abruptly, doesn’t it?) Then I added the various line breaks.

Check out my buy me a pizza page!

Also, Happy Thanksgiving, people in the U.S. 🙂 I for one am grateful for poems and somewhat logical text written by an AI.

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