Bury a Berry (nonsense dreams)

blueberries sit in purple eggshell inside the hand of a marble statue
blueberries gathered in eggshell
Photo by karina zhukovskaya on Pexels.com

bury a berry

in the blurry blue barrens,

let it blossom tonight.

In your sleep,

grow Roanoke

the lost colony

grow rowan, oak

to shroud it in mystery

grow an old oak

to remember

go row a boat

to escape december

chasing happily ever after

a tirade of tears and laughter.

bury a blueberry

in the blurry blear–

the phone buzz

jolts you off the pillow,

splitting seeds between dreams and breathing.

Lose Roanoke to the bears’

robotic wares,

or was it

lose an old oak to the bare

wind’s tears and wears,


lose a rowed boat to the bear

wearing hypnotic wares

bearing chairs from who knows where

chairs made of rowan, oak

the bear’s loping like an antelope slowpoke

to save soaked blokes

from sinking in rubber boats

phone buzz

wake up


what’s the hold up

to get up,

pour out a cup

of blubber-blue

marmalady majuice moo,

will you?


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