Another Valentine’s Poem

sitting alone on a pier
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I declare

this day

the day of watching your favorite tv show day

the day of dancing to your favorite sad song day

the day of saying day too many times day

and giving yourself deja vu day

the day of thanking the color red

for the blood in your veins,

a day of taking out your anger on cobbled candy names,

then dyeing cookies pink

for no other reason than to rhyme them with your drink.

I declare this day

a day of rainbows

and bad puns,

I CHEWS you for my valentine,

for me, WOOD you PINE?

here’s a caramel candy bar,

a christmas discount candle,

have some silly words to lull

your mind into a rhyme

it’ll show you how I’m fine,

happy valentine’s day, me,

cuz I’m glad you’re in my life.

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