If a word exists, you were not the first one to say it,

happy St. Patrick’s Day
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

So let me be the first to say,

Happy San Paddywack Dia,

alleft, now get a gerbilish move on,

a crouton meets Charon,

a Pluto meets Pharaoh,

go grab that batter thingy kerbober

or we’ll go zeroely conbotcher,

take that, you’re a piddly puff, a pinky pie,

fztcrack the bamclack

and ripreronrahroo.

Oh, it’s easy pleasy melon squeegee,

happy comings from the Marcel clan,

flappy goings for the Qajey-qaje-qaje-jake band,

sappy trappy taps a driddle beat

and mizikul mouse makes a martly meest.

Take 10-80 to Threnody,

exit ten, elven, twelven,

enter thirsteen and burteen

burp spleen and hexteen,

fed heaven lean then ate meat

but mine left no drumbs ‘cept the echo of the braaap,

Happy-san Parolina

paddywack took a k-nick k-nack

k-nockin’ on my k-napsack-n

clap brack

break a clag

fine bracken eight clawsome

but blossom’s bussin and busy bustlin’

servin’ sticks and hive pours,

trees can’t dwo’s the due-due undo

ctrl+x axed me

ctrl+z lost me

so that’s y aye won

shouting on the flooftops,

yaye, you get it, we flew if for fun.

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