To the ones who lost their PhD in innocence

This tale ain’t here to entertain your intellect, boy, pickin’ at a calico’s cuticle misses the whole cat, and those verbose vocabularies aren’t an art like you think they oughta be; it is in the interest of the living to wax wiser than the weak but I’m weary

I Am Worthy

Le le le aviar le le le pajaro le le estoy volando — Given or taken, handed or earned given or taken, blessings you termed. — I tell you, I am worthy. Your words make a prison in my heart, the crow caged by expectations sings so soft in here. You don’t know the tunesContinue reading “I Am Worthy”

Inner Child

(Have no idea what an inner child is? Check out this helpful page on subconscious psychology) Every day, you were someone different. The first day of fourth grade, the last day of high school, in the zoo, or wandering the woods. I hold you, or I try to, this fractaling puzzle in my heart ofContinue reading “Inner Child”