Songs that wreck me: Best Days

“Best Days” by Alessia Cara hit me in that twenty-something, good ol’ days way where you feel too old to be young but too young to be old. Like the song goes, “you live and then you die, but the hardest pill to swallow is the meantime.” Here I am, stuck in the meantime. BetweenContinue reading “Songs that wreck me: Best Days”

A half-revised article on failing

My original title idea for this was “No revisions: article on failing.” Because I had in mind the idea that I should fail in some way as I write about failing, about how failure is trying is improving and learning. Except then the idea of actually posting something that I hadn’t revised at all freakedContinue reading “A half-revised article on failing”

down, right, up, and not for mobile (unnamed poem)

Twenty-four hours are a tank In seaworld, cold salt water Holding dolphins, You can go down, Down, Down, holding hourglass dolphins hostage hoping to and concrete containing blue gallons   just enough to question the glass     to really believe in freedom not enough of an ocean Until you hit the bottom, concrete andContinue reading “down, right, up, and not for mobile (unnamed poem)”