Hello and Goodbye Forever

I shared this article a couple months ago.

Since then, I made a song with (almost) the same name and similar themes.



Take me to the battlefield

take me to the ash fields–let the hungry come, feed them bitten stars (bitten stars, bitten–)

falling to lost paradise

(verse 1)

Pa pa-ee

pa pie oh

say goodbye

and then hello,

say I love you,

though dawn is soon,

please hold me tight (and hold on tight)

cuz when night

fades to light,

we must let go

and save our world

say hello

and bid adieu

watch you drift out

to the sky.


Hark the word,

night crows

tell all secrets in silence (heed):


for the wilds

the rhythm mild

the moon will hear

and hum the harmony

“save humanity

and cleanse us, listen” (but until then…)

(post chorus 1)

Oh take me home

and keep me close,

voyage apart

but hold my heart

tonight I know

I’m ready so

let my hand go

our world will be

all healed and whole

our world will be

(verse 2)

Say hello

and goodbye,

salve Sahara

and stay the steppes,

touching thick smog and breathe-(ing),

go tell the wind

to whisper this (and echo this):

“For the bee,

for the rose,

here our clouds come,

in gentle throes.”

Say hello

and bid adieu

watch me weep and

end earth’s drought.


Call the word,


hope in hidden languages (crave):


for the wilds–

the rhythm tired–

the moon will try

to pull the harmony

“save the world a-nd dream forever save the world and dream for-ever”

but until then, let tides guide you

(’til then, tides guide you)

(post chorus 2)

Oh hold my soul

in memory

while we’re apart–

won’t be long,

some day

I’ll find you (find you)

we’ll mend the world

then make our ho-ome here


On quests we’re voyaging

say goodbye and hello

ships gliding to our shores

say hello and goodbye

and picture us tonight

all soft and draped in white

can gunshot smoke appease

the dangerous cities

or harmless Everglades?

Sun, can you hear our rage?

Then voyage home

voyage home

listen here,

can you hear us call

to the night

(hear us cry)

(Don’t let me go

Our world will soon be whole)

(chorus 3)

(Call the word):


Stars, in hidden languages scream (on fire)


for the wilds

the rhythm defiled

the earth will bleed

and feed the harmony

“Save the world and dream forever save the world and dream for-ever save the world, dream forever, save the world and dream for-ever”

and until the red dusk falls, this flame calls you.

(before outro)

Of course I’ll come

This dance is yours

This wish I keep

Take it

I’m flying

So high

I’m flying

Don’t let me fall

Our world will dream soon

(spoken with the drums)

[This hope needs you,

Heals you

Find me in this world

You sought to save with me]

(outro build up)

Conquer cold battlefields,

say goodbye



say hello


And dream forever

Save the world

(6x total)

tomorrow we’ll live in lands made safe for us

(outro part 2)

Do you believe in me?

Soaring under the seas

we can thunder the skies and prairies

sweep the Arctic and highest trees

behold the deserts and estuaries

open the soft serengeti.

In you I still believe

soaring over the seas

we hold the mountains and deep coral keys

behold the jungles and fattest trees

we can thunder skies and prairies

redeem these valleys

(Saving the world/forever dream)

Do you believe?


This is an instrumental song. I wrote lyrics that follow the melody. If you can match the lyrics to said melody on the first try, I applaud you👏

(images made using nightcafe.studio)

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