Precious Crumbs

crumbs and chocolate drizzles
Photo by Iu015fu0131l Agc on

(ps, here are 4 unrelated poems I think of as precious crumbs)


That moment when

you wake from a nap

and try to count the minutes you were out

by the pins and needles in your feet–

is it only your tired brain

that can’t peg a number on the fuzzy prickles

below your knees?


Driving home, just another crumb on the interstate intestine.


I’m tired,


you’re mature as a baby,


if I’m crazy,


I’ve been around you too long;

hey there,

slay there,

whatchu doin’ in the hay up there,

restin’ before the chores get done?


I went vegan for a season

but didn’t do it right:

I started up a fire

and with fine fibers of flame

wove baskets

but they only cradled smoke,

I went hungry and broke

for the falling oaks.


(ps again…I like pizza)

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