Yuh (slang for you)

guy in white hoodie standing against a brick wall, cell phone in his hand
cell phone in hand
Photo by Ott Maidre on Pexels.com

If you’re young enough to know what’s hip these days,

you know saying hip probs ain’t it, that was like ten years ago,

kids these days say sus

and low-key

and cap

and f in the chat

and that song goes hard

and that’s fleece.

I have a pterodactyl-screecher for a niece

p is for pterodactyl

and k is for knowing knee knapsacks conceal knives.

If that’s confusing, what I mean is, there was a you amongst it all,

sussy as a bleeped out radio song,

tbh actin’ more giga-brain than anyone else a decade and a half off babyhood could.

What I mean is, you

asked for an f in the chat for all the dead dinos out there (iykyk),

what I mean is, you

pickpocketed the silent k’s and p’s

from all the salty gatekeepers of the language

and that’s low-key

why I simp for you.

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