Another For a Balm

hands cup a light yellow flower in white water
hands cup a flower in the water
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Another night of feeling sad,

another poem for a balm–

like showering each day,

I run these words as soap over the sorrow of my soul

and the clean scent makes it all

better for a little while.


I’ve been listening to Kate Bush a lot recently, and this song has perfect winter vibes.

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FYI, with traveling in the next couple weeks/visiting family, posting may be a bit spotty for a little:)

4 thoughts on “Another For a Balm

  1. “I run these words as soap over the sorrow of my soul…” This line is surprisingly deep and really stood out to me. Writing is indeed therapeutic, and this poem is an elixir for the soul. Well done, Jordyn! 🙂

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