the *best* invention

So. I recently found out about squeezable cream cheese. In a tube. it inspired me. See, if we have squeezable cream cheese in a tube, we definitely, absolutely need…(dun dun dun)…toothpaste in a tub. This would be so easy! Just pop the lid, scoop your toothbrush inside, and boom, plenty of toothpaste to brush yourContinue reading “the *best* invention”

January 18th, 2022/haha I don’t know what this is

Today’s Prompt: What book is next on your reading list? I don’t have much of a reading list. Just one book. It’s called “All Life’s Answers and Assurances for the Uncertain Future.” A friend recommended it to me awhile ago, but the author’s name was way too long and I don’t remember it. a “J”Continue reading “January 18th, 2022/haha I don’t know what this is”