hi younger me/be are am is was ing

“be” verbs. The basic bane of writing. Some good writing advice: you should change “be” verbs, because of how weak they make your writing. (Seriously, use a word that means something more specific than “exists.”) Nowadays, I’ve apparently spent long enough revising stories and cleaning up “be” verbs in my writing, that every time aContinue reading “hi younger me/be are am is was ing”

January 18th, 2022/haha I don’t know what this is

Today’s Prompt: What book is next on your reading list? I don’t have much of a reading list. Just one book. It’s called “All Life’s Answers and Assurances for the Uncertain Future.” A friend recommended it to me awhile ago, but the author’s name was way too long and I don’t remember it. a “J”Continue reading “January 18th, 2022/haha I don’t know what this is”