January 18th, 2022/haha I don’t know what this is

Today’s Prompt: What book is next on your reading list?
Sending all my love!
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I don’t have much of a reading list. Just one book. It’s called “All Life’s Answers and Assurances for the Uncertain Future.” A friend recommended it to me awhile ago, but the author’s name was way too long and I don’t remember it. a “J” something? Je… Jenna? Oh I’m so sorry, Jenna.

Anyway, I’m totally still looking for this book. There’s just so many similar books like it out there on the internet, and I’m so heartbroken because it’s just, utterly impossible to find the right one, and I read a whole bunch of those others, but they honestly weren’t quite right for me. Just, not my type of life answers, you know?

Oh, here’s a tip from a fellow life-answer seeker, there’s so many life answers out there, and trying to wade through it all can get confusing. Try not to get caught up in the details, amigas! I speak from tons of experience.

If anyone does know a Life Answers book by a J or a G or something who’s name I don’t remember, I’d really appreciate if you let me know who that writer is. Thanks for being a #realhomie!

4 thoughts on “January 18th, 2022/haha I don’t know what this is

    1. Yeah, I kinda worried about that when I posted it… But don’t worry, this article is entirely satire:) I’m basically making fun of the fact that there aren’t actually answers to all of life’s questions out there.

      Also, have you ever heard of the Netflix show Julie and the Phantoms? Well, I basically imagine this article being read by the character Carrie from that show.

      Hope that helps!

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        1. Carrie is more or less the stereotypical “mean girl” of the show. The actor who portrays her really nails this “I’m saying nice words, but I actually mean them in the rudest way” voice. I think it’s great (the character and the show).

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