the *best* invention


I recently found out about squeezable cream cheese. In a tube.

sorta like this.

it inspired me.

See, if we have squeezable cream cheese in a tube, we definitely, absolutely need…(dun dun dun)…toothpaste in a tub.

sorta like this.

This would be so easy! Just pop the lid, scoop your toothbrush inside, and boom, plenty of toothpaste to brush your teeth with! No messy caps, no accidentally squirting blue paste all over the sink, and no more struggling to squeeze out that last tiny bit of toothpaste!

Even a family of four, worried about double-dipping into the toothpaste tub and spreading mouth germs, doesn’t need to fear! Just take a good ol’ butter knife to the tub, scoop what you need, and slather it on your toothbrush!

With this, it’s simple to get the right amount of toothpaste! And the container stores so well in your bathroom cupboard, too! It’s amazing!

(Okay DISCLAIMER don’t take this seriously it’s just a random idea because why do we need squeezable cream cheese again? But no offense if you do use squeezable cream cheese, I just don’t get why we have squeezable some things and tubs of those same things except not in the case of toothpaste like PICK ONE and also quit saying both are easier/less messy than the other, please?)

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