tidal waves wept, candles lit

fire burning by the sea
Photo by Daria Ivanenko on Pexels.com

I find my voice, my style,

then I break it after a while

I’m pushing boundaries

I’m sailing new seas

I’m digging in deeper

these spirit’s arteries,

this song’s a keeper

that word’s to weep

this metaphor is too big of a leap.

I write like a child

I write like I’m wild

then I write mild-mannered

or speak of the shattered,

hearts totally scattered–

in a rut of feeling blue,

I need something new

I need to lose

my mind

in a world of my own design

where storm clouded skies

strike rain and light

deep down into my own dwindled depths

I find who I am

and I lose it

in tidal waves wept

and candles lit

I am fire and water

I speak like a hundred characters calling

all reflections of my soul, darling,

cut into quarters

ground pestle to mortar

scattered to the wind.

My voice goes like glass

shards I won’t rescind

colored, clear, delicate, tempered

I’m a multitude breaking down and molten back together

I don’t really know

who I am


If you enjoy this poem, I always appreciate a pizza

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