The Question of Neurodivergence

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“I have a bunch of labels

we could make a list,

complete it with appendices, asterisks,

sub-headings for short definitions

and paragraphs for minutiae.”

So says the narrator in my head,

anticipating the question, “why?”


“Why don’t you talk?”

“Why don’t you like that?”

“Why don’t you drive?”

“Why are you acting this way?”

Well, see, it’s my neurodivergence

(a differing in mental functioning than what’s considered normal),

I live in a society made by and for brains unlike mine,

so as a confounding character in a story might require,

my life got me a narrator

to explain to the confused audience why

I don’t speak that often

I only like my food the plain way

I don’t drive cars

I act weird.

My narrator’s constant, it comes up with explanations for every step, every choice

so when somebody asks what I’m walking back and forth for

I can confess,

“this is why I do, want to hear my thought process?”

but I’m tired right now, so riddle me this:

why do you talk so much?

why are these questions directed at me?

why do you like your food with so many things on it?

why is driving not a struggle for you?

why are you acting so not-weird?

Because I’m one confused audience member who would like a narrator

to explain at least 95% of the characters.


Are you hungry after a whole poem trying to make some sense of life? I am:) If you enjoy this post, consider buying me a pizza

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