So it Goes/Ambitious Wishes

bird silhouette caged in cloud
Photo by Harshdeep Mishra on

So it goes,

comes midnight,

then a lie

take a bird out

wink an eye

if you wish

then you’re a waster

of the time left

in your life,

if you wish

you’re wishy-washy

not a worker

got no will.

I’ll take midnight

by surprise

light a fire

burn her guise

steal the wings

from the birds

build me freedom

so I rise

whoever tries

to come and stop me

better wish

in their last kisses

that it’s their name

I won’t miss.

I’ve got will

and I’m a wisher

got ambition

and a chisel,

I’ll ride wings

up to the sky

and carve spires

through the night

shout my fame

from the rooftops

“I’m a wisher

and ambitious.”


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