Can you hear the violence?

Yes, I stole this line from a Lorde song. No, this poem has nothing to do with “The Louvre.” — thunder bones by midnight, I can be a cannon too; however tired and styrofoamed in silence I sit, my ribs beat for violence. I can wake the sleeping suburbs with my scream rip up theirContinue reading “Can you hear the violence?”

Words whose sounds fit their definitions

You all know what onomatopoeia is? This article was inspired by that. Just like the word “BOOM” sounds like a firework going off, here are words that, in my opinion, sound like their definitions. Lovely (it’s a lovely sounding word, isn’t it?) Devastate. Obliterate. Scythe. Lamb. Feral. Spring (the bouncy type of spring, not necessarilyContinue reading “Words whose sounds fit their definitions”