Words whose sounds fit their definitions

firework show
Photo by Holger Wulschlaeger on Pexels.com

You all know what onomatopoeia is?

This article was inspired by that.

Just like the word “BOOM” sounds like a firework going off, here are words that, in my opinion, sound like their definitions.

Lovely (it’s a lovely sounding word, isn’t it?)






Spring (the bouncy type of spring, not necessarily the season).








In my opinion, these next words don’t sound like their definitions:

Water (water’s more fluid than the word sounds like).

Telekinetic (for invisible brain powers, this has a lot of crunchy sounds).

Scissors (I think there’s a reason people sometimes say sKissors).

Awesome (“-some?” Really? That’s a boring sound to tack onto “awe”).


Visceral (I don’t think this word sounds raw/instinctive enough)


Multimedia (…who let a vague word like “multimedia” sound so fun?)

When writing poetry, I enjoy thinking about what the words I use sound like. Sometimes “feral” is the perfect word for a perfect little poem. Sometimes the contrast in a word like “telekinetic” is also perfect. It depends on what you’re trying to make your reader feel.

Do you want them to feel soft and gentle? Then use ethereal velvet for lovely lambs.

Do you want them to feel like something’s off? Then talk about multimedia water scissors in the kitchen.

If you have any words you’d like to add, please share!

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