Snap Apple Alfalfa Flappa

orangutan holding lettuce
Photo by Yigithan Bal on

Grossed out faces look like wrinkly lettuce leaves,

or so some omnivorous rabbits say,

a baby’s eyes seen sideways seem like button holes,

or so some sleepy dreams claim,

but even in the waking world

they breathe corrosive oxygen through their other face holes,

and live in a land where light from the air starts fires

where the moon bulges seas

and frozen liquid floats–

what a dangerous alien world, of currents and smoke–

most light from our star we can’t even see, yet the invisible rays kill our skin

the earth’s pores explode lava and sulfur

and that’s where isles come from–

we are aliens to what’s natural,

nature’s existence defies what is natural, sensical, and sane

so our point is, pure and plain,

on a planet with so many exceptions baked into the rules,

what’s with all the sticklers fighting for the all-natural ruse?

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