Do you sleep with the lantern on?

gleaming lantern
Photo by Ahmed Aqtai on

You write

by lantern light

late at night

no clock to tell the time.

It’s so quiet,

the buzzing in the walls

has died.

the lamps across the street are on.

So I think we will be okay,

won’t be stranded on our remote-less island

for too long.

Youtube addiction?

Nah, it’s just convenient

when the power is on, and my brain is off,

and there’s no dark

to scare me to my sleep.

Color by lantern,

what will it look like by morning?

my light is flickering,

I can barely see my tiny handwriting.

If it gets cold,

will I drag my coat to bed?

It’s below zero out,

or near enough,

I could check the weather

but I’m saving battery life–

I guess I don’t really know,

is it super cold?

for sure-dizzle,

this is gonna sizzle

the grid

got rid

of the lightning squid.

Sorry, Sid,

it’s a mid-kid

and I wish it did

a better bid.

You get my qwid?

Temperatures dropping,

so is my confidence.

so dependent

on the internet,

all connections

a wi-fi want away,

all your books

and songs

tripped up by the dino jumping game.

How’s everybody at home?

I don’t know,

all the snow and wind

took these queries for a gander

in the blizzard.

Should I go check

on the strangers

just a corridor away?

The inter-net’s a vice,

keeps you from the ones

through the wall.

The internet’s a tool,

brings you to the millions

beyond the squall.

A winter story

late one evening.

Lick me a doodle,

dab on a poodle,


the noodle


toot toot oh Scoot Scoot McGoot


How do you know

when to go to sleep?

Am I out of ideas or not?

Okay, sleepy time,


(or not)

color más colores VA

Don’t worry, I have a bottle of canned light.

How you like that, Spat?

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