Meet Minnie, An Animated Mango

a hand squeezes a ripe mango on a peach-pink background
hand clinging to a mango
Photo by cottonbro on

Minnie the mango murdered the mangrove man

who lived in a maroon mansion in the muddy mangrove marsh,

Minnie the mango missed the memo on market Monday:

mangrove men don’t buy mangos to make friends.

Marty the mangrove man bought macadamias and mangoes from the market

for a marvelous melon mix

and Minnie moseyed along merrily because Marty had lots of money and a mesmerizingly moody mouth.

But on Tuesday morn, Marty came slicing and dicing

mangos, melons and macadamias for his meal;

Minnie woke with horror to the knife needling toward her

and the next part was instinct, she supposed–a scream, a startled Marty,

his hands flinging up,

then silence

in the maroon mud mangrove mansion.

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